Our museum has been collecting Lingnan region culture and European culture in over thirty years, Collections include《Canton commercial culture, Lingnan region culture, Guangzhou democratic revolution》 and《European culture 》two series,  total of 60 theme subject. Nearly forty thousand pieces of precious history, (original museum level). Comprehensive reflection of Guangdong and Guangzhou in the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and the Liberation and so on various periods of history, culture carrier, including the "maritime silk route", and "13 hongs", the Chinese and foreign commercial culture also intersection, revolution, and the hundred years of history and culture in the European and west.

   We have a professional team and government experts on collection, edit, maintenance, and research.
   We are dedicated with the government culture departments and enterprises institutions or people for the collection communication, research and exhibition, in order to promote, inheritance and carry forward the history and culture for the purpose of liability.

   We are cooperate through leasing exhibition type, help you build mini cultural museum, allowing you to easily share this precious and cultural treasures.

  We have Over 40,000 original items, leasing or exhibition, help you easily build mini mobile culture museum and exhibition

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